Fix Your Frozen AC Coils with These Simple Solutions

POST / Fix Your Frozen AC Coils with These Simple Solutions

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air and you notice moisture around it, you may have frozen coils. 

Coils are one of the most important components of a working AC. The component oversees refrigerant evaporation, which allows your air conditioner to cool hot air. As a result, if the coils freeze, your cooling unit will be unable to do its job effectively, leaving you with a humid, uncomfortable, and unhealthy home. Learn why your air conditioning coils may freeze and how to fix the problem. 

  1. Your AC filters are dirty. 

Without consistent airflow, your air conditioner will not function properly. However, before reaching the coils, the air must be purified by passing through the filters. 

Dirt and pollen can become stuck in the filters over time. The debris obstructs the airflow, causing moisture to collect around the coils. Also, cold air will be stuck inside the AC if air can’t pass the filters. The cold air and the moisture around the coils form ice and freeze them coils. 

Other obvious indicators of dirty AC filters include: 

* Your air conditioner cools unevenly. 

* Your allergy symptoms have suddenly increased 

Clean or replace your filters regularly to avoid frozen coils caused by dirty filters. If no improvement is seen, contact a reputable HVAC contractor to inspect the system and rule out dirty filters as the cause of frozen coils. 

  1. Your AC refrigerant is leaky. 

The refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside air and cools it before the air conditioner releases it into your space. If the refrigerant leaks, the chemical will not be under enough pressure to absorb heat. As a result, the refrigerant absorbs more heat than it should, expanding and freezing. 

Aside from the negative effects of refrigerant leaks on your air conditioner, the problem endangers your family’s health. As a result, keep an eye out for signs of refrigerant leaks, which include: 

  • Unexplainably high electric bills 
  • Bubbles around the evaporator coil 
  • Unusually long cooling cycles 
  • Odd noises from the AC 

Remember that refrigerant leaks usually indicate a more serious problem, so don’t try to fix the problem yourself. Instead, hire an HVAC professional to inspect your air conditioner and determine the root cause. 

  1. The Condensation drain is Faulty. 

Your air conditioner will not work unless the condensate drain is operational. The system uses the condensate drain to remove excess moisture from your indoor air. 

Nonetheless, the condensate line may malfunction or be improperly maintained as it ages. Furthermore, the drain may absorb evaporator debris. Also, the component is prone to organic growth due to moisture. 

The organic growth plus dirt from the evaporator may clog the condensation drains. The blockage leaves absorbed moisture with nowhere to go. The water starts to back into the AC, and if it remains on the system for too long, it freezes and makes the coils freeze. 

If the condensation drains become clogged, the following symptoms may occur: 

  • Your AC failing to turn on 
  • Your AC is cooling unevenly. 
  • Your indoor AC has excess water around it 
  • Your AC is emitting bad odors 

If you notice these symptoms, contact an HVAC professional to inspect your air conditioning system and determine if a faulty condensation drain causes frozen coils. 

Frozen AC coils may not seem like a big deal at first. However, if the problem is not resolved quickly, you may have to replace the entire air conditioning system. So don’t put it off any longer. Instead, call Scotty’s Heating and Air conditioning Inc. today to schedule a routine inspection and maintenance. The assessment will enable us to identify and resolve the issues on time.