It is certain that a sweet-smelling home creates a pleasing ambiance and infuse positivity in its occupants. However, the room freshening sprays and candles that people normally use, compromise the indoor air quality. So, if not the candles and room freshening sprays then what could you use to get rid of the stale and musty smell in your home? Essential oils on the furnace filter will do the trick.

From fabric deodorizers to aerosol sprays, there are tons of options to improve the aroma in your home. But most of these are chemically produced and even the plug-in automatic air fresheners aren’t as long-lasting as you’d like them to be. You don’t have to go with these fancy as well as expensive products to keep your home smelling amazing, you can make a scented furnace filter by yourself. All you need to do is to put essential oils on the furnace filter of your HVAC system.

The essential oils naturally eliminate odors by spreading a therapeutic scent that smells lovely. But you might hesitate while using essential oils on furnace filters as you may think that it can affect the quality or service life of them. But the reality is quite the opposite. Adding essential oils to your furnace filter is absolutely harmless to your filter. It even is beneficial for you in many ways.

Following are some of the key advantages of putting Essential oils in your furnace filter:

It Is Safer than Air Fresheners
Canned air fresheners and scents are chemically produced and harmful to your health, whereas essential oils are natural. Using essential oils in the furnace filter nullifies most of the chemicals you would otherwise be inhaling in.

Easy on Pocket
The essential oils are affordable. Though, while buying a bottle you might find it expensive, but it will last more than dozens of your air fresheners. You’ll have to use a few small drops of essential oil at a time, and will be repeating once or twice a month, making it pocket-friendly.

You won’t require additional devices
Most of the air fresheners require some sort of device to melt some substance or automate the room freshening. This results in an unnecessary expense of buying those devices frequently. Besides if you use essential oils in the furnace filter, the filter itself acts as the device required to distribute the scent.

It’s Hassle-free
Just think about how frequently you have to use your freshener and how much time it takes to go room by room and spray or warm? It becomes an everyday task for you. A couple of essential oil drops goes to the entire house as it will flow through the entire duct system and create a wonderful atmosphere.

How Do You Make a Scented Air Filter
To create a scented air filter that spreads long-lasting pleasant scent in your home, you’ll need A small bottle of essential oils, a clean furnace filter, and a general idea about how it works.

1. Begin with a new filter
If your air or furnace filter is old, you should wash or replace it before starting with this process. This will mitigate the chances of breathing in the particles trapped in the dirty filter. You can even buy a brand-new right now at a discount from Scotty’s Heating & A/c.

2. Pick the perfect scent
You’ll find a variety of essential oils in the market. You can choose one that you love or mix a couple of them to create your own fragrance. For example, mixing lemon and lavender will create a fresh and welcoming aroma in your home. If you don’t have much idea about essential oils, you might want to play safe and choose the very traditional scent, i.e. citrus. If you want to play the gamble by mixing two scents, here is a tip:

To know how the mixture will smell like, test out one drop of both scents on a paper towel.

3. Add the Essential Oils on the Furnace Filter
Lay your air or furnace filter in front of you and drop-in ten to fifteen drops to your new/cleaned filter. Don’t drop all of it in a single place, try to spread the oil over the entire surface.

Disclaimer: If you put all of the drops in one place, you might sometimes get an overwhelming scent or sometimes, no scent at all.

Be it the side facing your furnace or the side facing away from the fan, you can add the oil to any side of the filter as the scent will get drawn from either side.

And then, “4. Install the filter”.

Now, all you must do is to turn on your HVAC system. You’ll find your entire home aromatic in no time. It might fade after around fifteen days, consider it a call for the refill and a chance to feel different, it will be your call to change the scent this time.

If you aren’t convinced yet that this whole process and operations will never harm your HVAC system, we’ve tested it in our services. Consider it as another way of air conditioning. Besides, it saves you from the chemically produced air fresheners. Believe me or not, having essential oils in your furnace filter is a boon for your daily life. When those chemicals of an air spray are no more, the furnace filter will rarely clog and you can have one less channel of unhealthy particles breathe in.

If you need help installing give Scotty’s a call